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The Enjoyment of Playing Easy Cricket

The concept of Easy Cricket is to find ways to get people involved in playing informal cricket games in engaging and fun ways. It is a very inclusive game that people of all genders and abilities can join in on. Also, very little equipment is needed.

Playing cricket promotes a more active and healthier lifestyle, in addition to giving everyone who is involved the opportunity to be part of a close-knit team and have the chance to compete against and play with both old and new friends and colleagues.

Using easy formats of cricket can help to encourage and support you in your efforts to take the wonderful game of cricket to new places and new adults who might not have yet discovered the many joys of ‘clean bowling’ someone, diving for a catch or hitting ‘a six.’

It could be after work or on a lunch break. It might be for parents watching their kids train or play at cricket club, or at a park on the weekend with friends, or in between university lectures.

Cricket needs to;

  • Be easy to set up, understand and play
  • Be fun
  • Be inclusive for players of all abilities
  • Be adaptive to a group’s specific needs (with the rules needing to adapt according to the available time, space and group)
  • Be easily played by various number of players
  • Have the flexibility to be played for desired length of time
  • Be played anywhere

What We Are Attempting To Achieve

By introducing easy versions of cricket, we are attempting to get more people exposed to the game with the intent of providing them with a pathway to other kinds of playing opportunities if desired. Those opportunities might include joining local clubs or entering teams into a winter indoor league or Last Man Stands league.

How is the game delivered?

will deliver Easy Cricket. They may be able to receive further support such as a kit bag and training to help them get the Easy Cricket sessions initiated.

A cricket activator is the individual who galvanises, encourages and gets people to play. The cricket activator will ideally be a cricket enthusiast, a person who is committed to the game already. If they are associated with a club, it can offer people an instant pathway.

However anyone should get involved who is willing to try to get people enthused about playing cricket.

We will be recruiting activators in colleges, universities and workplaces; we will be providing simple playing kits in exchange for a commitment to getting more people playing on a regular basis, and there will be a basic M&E process instituted.

Activators will receive further support in the form of downloadable tools (such as posters and fliers), How To guide, and plenty of exciting and fun ideas on things to do in their sessions.

Activators also have a pathway into a coaching framework.

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