Football Passing Drills For Coaches To Implement

The purpose of the football passing drills below are to help develop a player’s passing ability.

These drills are suitable for young players, no matter what their age is, to help them improve their football skills. Some of the following passing drills focus on developing awareness of surrounding players, while others work on passing accuracy.

For young players just learning how to play football, instead of focusing on long lofted passes through the air, they should instead work on keeping the ball on the ground while using the inner part of their foot.


Call To Receive

In this drill, the players jog around an area that is coned off. Half of the players have the ball. The players that have the ball pass to a player that doesn’t have the ball. They next look to receive a pass from another player.

Avoiding Obstacles

Three spaces are created with 4 cones over an approximately 20m distance. Player pass the ball using limited touches to one another within the coned area.

Circle Drill

A player standing in the centre of a circle asks for the ball from any of the other players. The player controls the ball and then passes it back to the same player and then calls to get the ball from a different player. Every minute the middle player is changed.

Either Side Of Cones

The ball is passed between players on both sides of two cones in either a clockwise or anti clockwise direction. This is a great football drill for the first touch to be used to create space and change the ball’s direction.

Simple 5m Pass

The ball is passed between players over a short distance. It is ideal for easy warm ups or for beginners.

Long And Short Pass

Four players form a rectangle. The ball gets passed in a zig zag pattern, first to the short end and then a longer diagonal pass across.

In Number Order

Players are provided with a number. The ball is passed in number order to one another.

Forwards And Backwards

One player remains still and the other one runs forwards and backward between two cones. Each time the player is at the cone that is closest to the first player he receives a pass.

Come To Meet The Ball

The player in the middle receives passes from each side alternately.

Pass And Shoot

A player passes the ball and then gets it back to shoot it.

1 In 1 Out

Players arrangement themselves in a square at the four corners. Two middle players receive passes, then turn 180 degrees, and follow their pass at the end of the queue.

Bringing Loss Pass Down

The player starting with the ball sends a lofted pass over to the player furthest away. The receiving player controls, chests and volleys, volleys or heads the ball. He then passes the ball to the player inside the coned box. That player then controls the ball and then turns and passes it back to the beginning player. After 10 sets rotate players.

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