Using Jumpers As Goalposts

Jumpers for GoalpostsDo you remember playing football as a child in the garden? And when you didn’t have any other children to play with you would try to get your mum to play goalie for you?

You would have needed to have goalposts, so what did you use? Did you employ the old school method of using traditional jumpers as your goalposts? Dangerous and daft with a garden fork and cricket stump? Or did you borrow a few of your Dad’s best terracotta pots at your own risk?

With the wide selection of garden goals that are available now for every garden and every budget, you don’t have any excuses any more.

We think that you should take garden football seriously enough so that you have decent goalposts. It is the place, after all, where most of us here in the UK get started playing football.

After we have become old enough to be able to control the ball properly, the next thing we want to start focusing on is to having something to aim for and shoot for. That is where the garden football goal came into play – playing around the flower beds provides us with immediate access to playing the enjoyable game of football. The garden always is right there whenever the park happens to be too far away or there is no one else around to play with.

We can step out into the garden, while ignoring the pleas to “mind the greenhouse!” We imagine ourselves walking out onto Wembley. That may be a cliche, however it is true. When we are kids that is definitely how it works.

When it comes to garden football, the other very important thing about having goals that we can focus on, is it provides us with the opportunity for developing our skills. You can get as many touches as you’d like when you are out in the garden. Having unopposed touches are crucial and not worthless. Every touch you have can build your skill, deftness and muscle memory.

Like any other sport skills, being able to shoot depends on practice. It takes many hours of practice to develop this skill. If you are able to practice all on your own without needing a sister, brother or your mum at goal, that is even better.

Your next step is to join a multiple-age ‘kick around’ game on the school playground or at the park. However, whatever kids learn in these matches, they usually bring back with them to the garden, where they can continue practicing the shots that the missed as many times as they want to.

They could even be aspiring goalkeepers. If that is the case it is critical to have a goal since positioning will become second nature to them.

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